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Updates to Griffin's Law And Religion
Since the Fourth Edition

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Chapter - I. Free Exercise of "Religion"

    A. What is Free Exercise? - 0 updates
    B. What Is Religion? - 3 updates
    C. How Shall Courts Define Religion? - 0 updates

Chapter - II. Introduction to Establishment

    A. Fusion of Governmental and Religious Functions - 0 updates
    B. The Lemon Test, Endorsement and Coercion - 0 updates
    C. Prayer and Government - 3 updates

Chapter - III. What Is an Establishment of Religion?

    A. Religious Symbols and Monuments - 0 updates
    B. Public Funding of Religion - 1 update
    C. The Establishment Clause as a Defense: Equal Access - 0 updates

Chapter - IV. Constitutional and Statutory Protection of Free Exercise

Chapter - V. Conscience, Complicity, and Conscientious Objection

    A. Medicine and Reproductive Health - 2 updates
    B. The Military - 0 updates
    C. Law and Government - 0 updates

Chapter - VI. Conflicts Between Individual and Institutional Religious Freedom

Chapter - VII. RLUIPA: The Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act

    A. Institutionalized Persons - 0 updates
    B. Land Use - 0 updates

Chapter - VIII. Comparative Religious Freedom

    A. Religious Garb - 1 update
    B. Blasphemy and the Defamation of Religion - 0 updates
    C. Conscience - 1 update

Chapter - IX. Religion and Politics

    A. Presidential Religion - 3 updates
    B. Political Morality and Religion - 0 updates
    C. Taxes and Political Activity - 0 updates
    D. Civil Religion - 0 updates

Chapter - X. Teaching About Religion and Science

Chapter - XI. The Old and New Law of Religion

    A. The Old - 0 updates
    B. The New - 1 update

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